Department of Anaesthesiology

The Department of Anaesthesiology at out medical college strives to provide outstanding patient care and the finest education for medical students, with its team of accomplished faculty and world-class infrastructure. The speciality of anaesthesia is changing rapidly owing to the complexity of the cases seen and the technologies available for patient care. There are new demands placed upon practitioners with regard to the skills necessary for the management of clinical practice, far exceeding those which were needed just a decade ago. We provide anaesthetic care for all specialities including General Surgery, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Colorectal, Upper GI, Hepatobiliary), joint replacement and spine surgeries, and airway procedures. We also provide anaesthetic cover in remote locations for diagnostic procedures – Gastroscopy, MRI, CT, RT, lithotripsy,ECT,etc.

Currently, the institution is at the threshold of a major expansion process with the addition of Operating Rooms catering to Orthopaedics, super-specialities and an trauma care centre.

Department Name Designation Date of joining the institution & also date of joining department in current position
Anesthesia Dr. Amar M. Panchal Associate Professor 01-05-2021
————- Associate Professor
Dr.Rameez Patel Assistant Professor 01-11-2019
Dr.Nivedita Vadodaria Assistant Professor 01/01/2021
Dr. Sejal Desai Assistant Professor 21-09-2019
Dr. Hiren Patel Sr. Resident 21-09-2019
Dr. Amit Vadhel Sr. Resident 16/09/2019
Dr. Farzin Saiyed Jr. Resident 21/09/2019
Dr. Sabirahmed I. Patel Jr. Resident 01-05-2021