Department of Community Medicine

The Department of Preventive and Social Medicine/ Community Medicine is concerned with teaching the MBBS students the preventive and promotive aspects of health of individual, community and region from foundation course till the third year of MBBS Curriculum. Several sub-specialties, such as epidemiology, environment and occupational health, health management, health economics, public health nutrition and communicable and non-communicable diseases form an integral part of the subject.The intricacies of public health problems necessitate partnerships, sharing and collaboration between public health, clinical practice, health systems and communities.  The departmentof PSM will have a close collaboration with the local/district health system in order to provide an exposure ofskill-based learning of public health practices to students.

Department Name Designation Date of joining the institution & also date of joining department in current position
Community Medicine Dr. Jeram Parmar Professor 26/11/2020
Dr. Dipak Solanki Professor 25/02/2021
Dr. Shreyash Gandhi Associate Professor 12/04/2021
Dr. Parimal Jivrajani Associate Professor 01/12/2020
Dr. Nidhi Mangrola Assistant Professor 21/09/2019
Dr. Kuntal Patel Assistant Professor 02/01/2021
Dr. Karshit Joshi Assistant Professor   01-11-2020
Dr. Ravishankar Jha Tutor 16/09/2019
Mr. Pintu Goswami Statistician 12/04/2021