Department of  ENT

ENT Department provides facilities for all types of surgeries of Ear, nose and throat. Otorhinolaryngology department aims at delivering adequate knowledge and skills to undergraduate students for optimal dealing with common disorders and emergencies and principles of rehabilitation of the impaired hearing.

Our teaching will be focused on basic pathophysiology of common ENT diseases and emergencies, rational use of commonly used drugs and their adverse effects, common investigation and their interpretation.

Department Name Designation Date of joining the institution & also date of joining department in current position
ENT Associate Professor Dr. Mukesh Dodia 01/12/2022
Assistant Professor Dr. Akshay Suratwala 01/01/2021
Assistant Professor Dr. Nikita Chaudhry 21/09/2019
Assistant Professor Dr. Bhavik Patel 21/02/2022
Assistant Professor Dr. Krutika Sonavane 17/05/2023
Sr. Resident Dr. Kunal Shah 01/12/2020
Sr. Resident Dr. Zalak Modh 01/03/2023
Jr. Resident Dr. Lesha Panchal 02/05/2023