Department of General Medicine

The department of General Medicine provides facilities for treatment for all major and minor Communicable and Non communicable diseases. Facility of 10 bedded I.C.U well equipped with all modern equipments is available round the clock with 72 bedded General ward and facilities of Special & Semi Special rooms is available. 24 hours diagnostic &Emergancy Services  are available.

Department Name Designation Date of joining the institution & also date of joining department in current position
General Medicine Dr. R. K. Chavda Professor 04-12-2020
Dr. Palubhai Tharot Associate Professor 21-09-2019
Dr. Archan Asher Associate Professor 01-01-2022
Dr. Ashish Bhalsod Associate Professor 21-09-2019
Dr. Sanket Mahajan Associate Professor 01-12-2021
Dr. Dhaval Seth Assistant Professor 21/09/2019
Dr. Pranay Vaghela Assistant Professor 15-01-2020
Dr. Bhavesh Chaudhry Assistant Professor 21-09-2019
Dr. Deepa Thadani Assistant Professor 05-01-2021
Dr. Parthiv Doshi Sr. Resident 01-01-2021
Dr. Hardik Parmar Sr. Resident 13-09-2021
Dr. Hemal Maniya Jr. Resident 16-08-2021
Dr. Bhargav Vala Jr. Resident 06-01-2021
Dr. Vidhi Tapiawala Jr. Resident 25-11-2020
Dr. Bhavin Nakum Jr. Resident 30-05-2022
Dr. Dhaval Parmar Jr. Resident 27-05-2022
Dr. Nirav Vaja Jr. Resident 13-06-2022